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Howdy and hello people of the world!  I, your REVEREND, am pleased to announce that I am BACK!  I know that Catholic Science Online was kind of dead for a while, but that's because I had to disappear for a while to do some military schtick in Germany.  While I continue my quest to analyze the official books of Scientology, I highly encourage you to do what you probably haven't done (lazy bastards!):

-Who wouldn't want the Catholic Science Online desktop wallpaper?
-Ebooks: We've got for you the King James Version of the Bible (a beautiful read, especially if you enjoy Old English literature), and we've got two SCIENTOLOGY books: the original DIANETICS and Dianetics 55 by L. Ron Hubbard.
-These freebies can be downloaded on the "Other Catholic Science Literature" page (under the "More..." tab at the top menu).

-Membership is free!  Go to and join in the verbal battle royale!  We've got some great videos and some additional reads for all you academic wannabe intellectuals.

Membership has yet to pick up.  Honestly, I think in order for that to happen, some porn star will have to retweet so all her kiss-ass fans will go there (HINT HINT!)

See you soon folks!  Hopefully I'll see you in the Colosseum!  Keep checking by this site, and SUBSCRIBE TO OUR RSS FEEDS!

Mine truly,

The Reverend

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