Catholic Science
If you've gotten this far into the website, you've obviously figured out that this is a joke.  If not, you're probably just a hopeless case and an overall failure at life.  Whatever-- it's not my problem.

This website is indeed a joke between my sister and I.  We were poking fun at our other sister one night (she was raised in Christian Science but converted to Catholicism when she got married) and we dubbed her the Catholic Scientist.  Of course, our family is twisted enough to the point where laughing at each other is clearly not enough, as we would take our shenanigans to the lawless colosseum known as the Internet.

The most hilarious part about this is that said sister feels that being called a Catholic Scientist is a derrogatory term-- she prefers the P.C. label "Roman Papal Scientist."

Too damn bad.

Days later, the sister and I were filling the voids in our souls and pretending to have a life through discussing religion when we thought it would be a great idea to use this website as a platform to read various religious texts and write commentary on them for the world to see.  Not that I particularly care about ethics, I feel it would be ethical to warn the world that the sacred writings of many religions are going to be shredded mercilessly, and we'll probably have various religious insurgent groups trying to kill us by the end of the week.

Such is life.

Now that you've been warned, prepare to be repeatedly shocked and offended by me, The Reverend, and my sister the Mad Scientist.


--The Reverend

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