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Yes indeed, for those of you who don't know, CATHOLIC SCIENCE not only has this lovely blog but ALSO a Facebook page for fans to Like!  Even better is that we now have a forum, THE CATHOLIC SCIENCE COLOSSEUM, where YOU can take part in the maddening discussion, whether it's anything regarding spiritual matters or you simply expressing your sheer hatred for me.  I decided to take pity on you by throwing you bones through which debating can start.  One is a video, THE BIBLE VS. the book of mormon.  The other is the full text regarding the SECRET GOSPEL OF MARK, which some "experts" affectionately call the "Gay Gospel."  Find out why!

In the next week you can expect the Mad Scientist and I to have a full report on L. Ron Hubbard's DIANETICS 55, an elusive tome which furthers young Scientologists' growth in the "science" (oh brother!) of dianetics.  Look forward to it!

If at this point you have not yet liked us on Facebook* or joined the community at the CATHOLIC SCIENCE COLOSSEUM,** please jump off a bridge in a timely manner.***

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--The Reverend

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